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Greetings consultants, candidates, political junkies, and business owners! Welcome to the most informative website about voice broadcasting on the internet. You will probably learn more about voice broadcasting then you will ever want to know. We offer the very best compliant voice broadcasting service in the industry at the very lowest rates!

We can't promise success. Voice broadcasting does not work for every business and does not assure a successful political campaign.  But we can promise to work with you closely and if we can't do it, it probably can't be done.



VOTER LIST NOW AVAILABLE! JUST ONE PENNY PER RECORD WHEN WE MAKE THE CALLS!  Add 50% for list only. Minimum purchase $95.00 2020 133 Million USA Consumer Political Participation and Lifestyle Details. 67 Million with Phone, 25Million with E-mail. Voter Identifier Number, First Name, Last Name, Suffix, Address, City, State, Zip, Zip 4, County, Gender, Party Affiliation, Phone, Email Address, Ip, Data_Source, Date_Time, Consumer lifestyle details: Language_Code, Ethnic_Group, Religion_Code, Ethnic_Confidence_Code, Homeowner_Probability, Political_Contributor, Political_Charitable_Donation, Political_Conservative_Charitable_Donation, Political_Liberal_Charitable_Donation, Estimated_Income_Code, Credit_rating For details go to Political Clients Tab or click here.


NEW!  REVERSE POLLING. What is reverse polling? Many people return calls to the caller ID number without listening to the message.  In polling no answering machine message is left since the purpose of a poll is to canvass a living person. Further, to lesson the likelihood of get voice mail success polling uses a ring duration under 30 seconds, since the purpose is to avoid answering machines.  Reverse polling conducts the same poll if the person returns the call shown on the caller ID.  We can do a reverse poll for an additional $95.00. This is a flat rate for polls up to 100,000 numbers with 3 attempts.  Add $60.00 for each additional 100k. For details go to Political Clients Tab or click here.

WE SPECIALIZE IN B2B LEAD GENERATION for credit repair, business credit, targeted insurance, tax relief, search engine optimization, loan modifications, debt settlement, business opportunities, office supplies, real estate, mortgages, satellite, merchant services, targeted website design, email services, targeted payroll services, targeted accounting services, paving and parking lot maintenance, snow contracts, building maintenance and other business services. Our introductory promotion is $290.00 for 10,000 calls to businesses in your area, live and answering machine messages, 3 attempts to no answer and busy signals to businesses in your area with our new proprietary screened leads feature. ($350.00 for 20,000 live calls only.)

PLUS FREE BUSINESS DATABASE BY STATE AND BUSINESS CATEGORY We now offer our business database free with any purchase sorted by state and NAICS business category. Only at HomeyTel! We make the calls, you keep the list!

In 2010 we developed a proprietary new system to deliver screened real time leads.  If you have ever tried voice broadcasting with call transfer only to become  frustrated with 8-10 complaints for every decent lead, you have come to the right place.  We deliver only real time pre-screened leads with a Do Not Call (DNC) complaint to good lead ratio that averages 5%-15%. In other words, 85-95% of these leads are genuinely interested in your offer!

These are leads that have called our toll free numbers specifically requesting more information about your offer. Compliance requires a company name and toll free number be included in all commercial messages. If that toll free number is called and goes to voice mail, an opt out must be offered.  The DNC request list is required to be updated every 30 days.  We specialize in developing commercial voice mail messages while keeping you in full compliance when leads respond to the toll free number in your message. Our clients call these screened leads "hot leads" because they are better quality leads that initiated the call and listened to the message and passed the screening a second time before being forwarded to you. These are bonus exclusive super-leads emailed to you free!

VOLUME COMMERCIAL BUSINESS RATES! We now offer a one attempt volume discount rate of .0069 per call for select commercial clients that purchase a minimum of 1 million calls. This rate includes free exclusive real time leads, performance based exclusive hot leads, message development, list blending, and business category exclusivity with a 3+ million monthly call volume.

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