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Voice broadcasting is like a knife. Properly used, it is a wonderful and extremely effective tool. But when it is abused, it is irritating, and can even cause harm.

There is more to successful voice broadcasting that just loading a recording onto a calling platform.  To succeed requires long-term strategies, short-term tactics, clear and concise compliant scripting, the right voice for the recorded message, list management, compliance and the ability to tweak the settings depending on the message.

We have an in-house capacity to deliver nearly 1 million calls per day. We also have flex lines available that can deliver over 15 million calls per day on demand. No bells, no whistles, no false promises and no nonsense. We just do the job and get it done right.

We are dedicated to giving you the best possible service and the lowest possible price.  We look forward to working with you.



FREE SCREENED REAL TIME LEADS: We are offer screened leads to our commercial customers.  Find out why 100% of our customers have switched from call transfers to our proprietary screened lead system.  Cut you costs by keeping only your best sales reps.  We deliver highly quality screened leads with a complaint/lead ratio of less than 15%. Take a test drive today.  Try it!  You will like it!

FREE SCREENED HOT LEADS: These are leads that have called our toll free number specifically requesting more information about what you have to offer. Compliance requires a company name and toll free number be included in all commercial messages. If that toll free number is called and goes to voice mail, an opt out must be offered. We specialize in developing commercial voice mail messages in full compliance when leads respond to the toll free number in your message. Our clients call these leads "hot leads" because they are better quality leads that initiated the call and listened to the message and passed screening a second time before being forwarded to you. These are are bonus exclusive super-leads emailed to you free!

BUDGET YOUR CAMPAIGN: We offer the very lowest rates for voice broadcasting. Our rates are based on numbers called, not usage minutes, so that you can exactly budget your campaign. We have found that a message of 30 seconds is just as effective as a 60 second message, if the message is clear and timely. Short messages simply deliver more bang for the buck. While we offer longer messages, our low rate is based on a more cost effective 30-second message.

The pitfall of per-minute usage, as opposed to our per-call rate, is that it is nearly impossible to budget your campaign using per-minute usage. And if you set a budget it is impossible to know how many calls will be delivered within your budget! A 30-second live message typically requires about 50 seconds to deliver between connect time and disconnect time. The same 30-second message delivered to an answering machine typically requires 90 seconds to deliver. This is because your message is not played until the answering machine or voice mail has ended its message. Most voice broadcasters charge on a per-minute usage ranging from .02  to .12 cents per usage minute, which means the real cost to deliver a 30-second answering machine messages is often .03 to .24 or more! Again, a 30 second message typically requires about 50 seconds between connect and disconnect. And when delivering to answering machine or voice mail you are paying  minute usage for the privilege of hearing voice mail. Further, who counts the minutes? And how are the minutes counted? The provider always counts the minutes and often a 6 second call is counted for 30 seconds. Again, it is impossible to know your full cost in advance with per minute usage. Our customers who maintain clean lists with hit rates of 70%-90% find that our per call rates are from 1/3 to 1/2 less than our lowest priced competitors using per minute formulas. Per minute usage can be cost effective to cull old or dirty lists.  Per-call usage is preferable when calling clean lists.

EFFECTIVE COMPLIANT MESSAGE DEVELOPMENT: You know your business. We know our business. Successful voice broadcasting requires an effective compliant message.  Message development requires scripting, recording and testing.  While certain basic concepts are in every successful message, not every message complies with federal and state protocol regulations. Do not risk your business by short-cutting compliance. Our successful message development has evolved around compliant voice broadcasting protocol and using this protocol to deliver enhanced results.

LIST MANAGEMENT: Successful voice broadcasting requires more than a good script and recording. It is rare that the general business list pulls well unless you are a local business offering a local service. And even in those rare instances where the general business list does pull well, targeted categories always pull better. But what categories pull best for your business?  Often, you already know but if you don't we help identify these categories to deliver a lower cost per lead.

There are currently dozens of seamless cloud based services available on-line.  Great strides have been accomplished in cloud based platforms during the past two years.  However, only about 10% of the available cloud platforms have embraced this technology. These services require training and a support desk to help you through programming and other glitches. HomeyTel manages your campaigns with its professionally trained staff. Further most cloud platforms  do not and cannot maximize your results.  Settings are in a default mode regardless of your campaign. To maximize results a live only campaign must use different parameters to maximize results since the goal is to avoid answering machines.  By the same token a live and answering machine campaign is targeting answering machines and the default settings must be changed to maximize the results. We do the mundane programming and supervise your campaigns to gain the maximum result. And it seems seamless!

WE OWN OUR LINES! Over 95% of the competition do not own their own lines, they open a website during the election season and are gone immediately after the elections.  Beware of any website based company without a physical address. Beware of any website company without published rates. And be leery of any website that promises to beat any quote! If they can beat any quote then why not publish it?  The first question to a voice broadcaster should be, "Do you own your own lines?"  If they do not own their own lines they are a middleman with higher rates.  HomeyTel owns its own hard PRI lines in three separate high security locations. We are not the biggest but we are the best! We have an in-house hard line capacity of about 1 million calls per day. And with our flex lines can handle any size job with an on-demand capacity of 1.2 million calls per hour, with more capacity available with 48 hour notice.

HARD LINES VERSUS VOIP AND SIP: While great strides have been accomplished in VOIP and SIP during the past two years, the old technology PRI lines still hold the edge as far as performance. However, the gap has narrowed substantially. Cloud platforms that have adapted new technologies are reaching a performance level of about 90-95% of hard lines.  Unfortunately, only about 10% of the existing cloud platforms have incorporated this new technology.  Most platforms still suffer severely from inadequate performance.  During the past two years HomeyTel has tested over a dozen cloud platforms.  Only two were able to met our performance criteria for our flex line usage.

NO BLOCKED TIERS FOR POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS:  Due to the nuances of government regulation wholesale telephone rates vary from under .003 per minute to over .14 cents per minute. Yes, 14 cents per minute at wholesale! The rates are determined by a complicated system of carrier type and tiers within each carrier type.  Many, in fact most, or our competitors selectively block high priced tiers. Unless, the provider advertises no blocked tiers, you can be assured that high tolled tiers are blocked.  The calls are simply reported as busy, no answer, or disconnected when in fact these high priced tiers are blocked and never called. Typically about 5%-20% of the calling numbers in any given area code are blocked. While you do not pay for these blocked calls with a minute usage priced system, you will never reach constituents on these high priced tiers. As a candidate this means your are not reaching your entire constituency. Moreover, this practice  is very difficult to detect even when you are trained in the myriad of phone rates. HomeyTel and its flex line providers block no carrier tiers.  We absorb the costs in these high tiers even though we lose money on each call.   As a result we occasionally actually lose money on individual campaigns.  But with HomeyTel every political campaign is assured of the ability to reach every available number in every given calling area with no blocked tiers and a low fixed rate you know going in the campaign with no surprises.

EASY TO READ REPORTS: Upon completion of each campaign you will receive and easy to read reports with the phone number, the date called, the time of the call, the call result, the number of attempts, and the length of call. The call result includes answered, hang-ups, message delivered to answering machine, disconnects, busy, and no answer.

Prefer cloud access with per minute usage? You can purchase 10,000 minutes for $290.00 (.029 per minute). 100,000 minutes for $2,300.00 (.023 per minute.) 200,000 minutes $3,800.00 (.019 per minute, bank wire only) for $17,000.00 (.017 per minute, bank wire only). Minutes are measured in 6 second increments. For commercial clients we have blocked tier calling available for .012 per minute.  Minimum 100,000 minutes, bank wire only.

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