Commercial Clients
COMMERCIAL COMPLIANCE ALERT. Competitors are offering unlawful promotions for otherwise legitimate offers. According to TCPA and TSR rules prerecorded messages to residents for commercial purposes are prohibited. It is unlawful to call residential customer numbers for commercial purposes (even existing customers) unless they have specifically opted-in to receive your pre-recorded messages.

These rules do not apply to businesses, so long as three criteria are met.  The caller must be identified, the caller must provide a toll free phone number in the message and the caller must offer a mechanical opt out in the message. If the toll free phone number is called and goes to voice mail, an opt out must be provided.  Finally, a written in-house policy statement must be available on demand.

Don't let these unscrupulous broadcasters jeopardize your business! Not following TCPA protocol can lead to devastating class action suits.  Not following TSR rules will eventually lead to stiff fines from state and/or federal authorities. For the best service, best price, and for compliance use HomeyTel.

We specialize in offers to businesses and telephone gatekeepers for businesses.  If you have an offer or service for businesses then voice broadcasting can be a very successful method to deliver your message.


It's cool. It works! Try it, you'll like it. We specialize in delivering commercial business-to-business leads. These are exclusive real time screened leads e-mailed to you within minutes. 20k live calls only, three attempts, for just $350.00 plus you keep the list list!  Or  10k live and answering machine calls, three attempts for just $290.00. The cost per lead averages between $2-$24 depending upon your offer.  Free exclusive hot leads also included! Take a test drive today! This initial purchase is then applied to our 100k rate on a roll out!

We have many customers who started with a test drive who now place 100k-500k calls every month!

How did they do it?  Scripting, recording, and testing!


What distinguishes us from the rest is service. You have the idea! You have the product! We have the platform to build your business. We help you put these ideas in a short scripted message that is in compliance with federal regulations. We also provide a professional voice that we know pulls or you can also record in your own voice.


We help design your campaign from start to finish. We can't promise success. But if we can't do it, it probably can't be done!  We work hard to get your message out and make your campaign successful through scripting, recording, and testing.  You know your business and we know ours.  By working together we can make it happen.

We currently have time tested proprietary messages for business credit services, debt settlement, insurance, tax settlement, loan modification and refinancing, satellite and cable television,  payroll, business credit services, business opportunities, office supplies, credit card processing,  building maintenance  and other business services. Sorry, but you can't hear them unless you try them!  Lots of calling hours have been devoted to develop these messages.


FREE NATIONAL BUSINESS LIST: 14 Million+ 2010 National Business List available for free to use with all voice broadcast campaigns. We make the calls, you keep the list! Includes company name, address, and phone on Excel spreadsheet. We will compile a general business list free, by first 3-digit zip code or area code. We make the calls . . . . you keep the list!

ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: Don't pay through the nose with a list broker!  Specific categories available for purchase for $40-$90 per 10k.

VOLUME COMMERCIAL BUSINESS RATES! We now offer a one attempt volume discount rate of .0069 per call for select commercial clients that purchase a minimum of 1 million calls. This rate includes free exclusive real time leads, performance based exclusive hot leads, message development, list blending, and business category exclusivity with a 3+ million monthly call volume.


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