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100,000 Political Calls Live,
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100,000 Political Calls, Live And Answering Machine, 35 Second Message, 35 Second Ring, 3 Attempts, 3 Separate Campaigns!

 - $1,695.00


WOW! VOTER LIST NOW AVAILABLE! JUST ONE PENNY PER RECORD WHEN WE MAKE THE CALLS!  Add 50% for list only. Minimum purchase $95.00 2020 133 Million USA Consumer Political Participation and Lifestyle Details. 67 Million with Phone, 25Million with E-mail. Voter Identifier Number, First Name, Last Name, Suffix, Address, City, State, Zip, Zip 4, County, Gender, Party Affiliation, Phone, Email Address, Ip, Data_Source, Date_Time, Consumer lifestyle details: Language_Code, Ethnic_Group, Religion_Code, Ethnic_Confidence_Code, Homeowner_Probability, Political_Contributor, Political_Charitable_Donation, Political_Conservative_Charitable_Donation, Political_Liberal_Charitable_Donation, Estimated_Income_Code, Credit_rating

They all use HomeyTel  voice broadcasting. Why? Because we offer the very best service at the lowest possible rates plus you can exactly budget your political campaigns.

BUDGET YOUR CAMPAIGN: We offer the very lowest rates for voice broadcasting. Our rates are based on numbers called, not usage minutes, so that you can exactly budget your campaign. We have found that a message of 30 seconds is just as effective as a 60 second message, if the message is clear and timely. Short messages simply deliver more bang for the buck. While we offer longer messages, our low rate is based on a more cost effective 30-second message. We allow a 5 second tag at no extra charge.

POLITICAL ALERT SPECIAL - LIVE AND ANSWERING MACHINE FOR LESS THAN 1 PENNY PER CALL!  You asked for it! We got it! We will deliver 100,000 15-second live and answering machine message with three attempts and up to (3) three separate campaigns with no setup fees for just $995.00 per 100k! There is a $25.00 setup charge for each campaign over three. We allow a 5 second tag at no extra charge. Only at HomeyTel!

POLITICAL CAMPAIGN 3-MESSAGE SPECIAL: 100,000 30-second live and answering machine message, three attempts, 5 second tag,  and up to three (3) separate campaigns with no setup fees for just $1,695.00. There is a $25.00 setup charge for each campaign over three. This is our most popular package.


SMALL CAMPAIGN SPECIAL! We will deliver 10,000 30-second live and answering machine message with three attempt and 5 second tage for $290.00. There is a $25.00 setup charge for each campaign after the three campaigns. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR RECORDING USING OUR VOICE MAIL: Call 619-564-4671. This is our dedicated recording line. Record immediately at the beep. Press # immediately when you finish recording. To replay your recording press 1, to re-record press 2, press 3 and # to mark urgent and send. Email us immediately after making the recording.  We then edit the recording and send it back to you for approval. It is that simple!

Click here to listen to an actual Democratic recording made on our recording line.

Click here to listen to an actual Republican recording made on our recording line.

POLLING: University studies have shown that polling by recorded message is far more accurate than live polls as responders are not trying to please a live pollster. We have conducted thousands of polls.  Polling is extremely useful in building a grassroots base of supporters. Polling is useful in determining undecided voters. Polling is also useful to determine hot button local issues that motivate your constituency to support you candidacy.  Polling can also determine whether an incumbent is vulnerable and can keep you out of a losing race or put you into a race you can  win.  You can create your own poll or we can create a poll for you. Our polls are conducted at a flat rate of $200.00 for a one question poll with as many as nine (9) selections.  Each additional question is $50.00.  This is a flat rate in addition to the calling. Call rate for polling is $200.00 per 10k or $1,200.00 per 100k. (Live only with 3 attempts.) Add 10% for each additional question.

What is reverse polling? Many people return calls to the caller ID number without listening to the message.  In polling no answering machine message is left since the purpose of a poll is to canvass a living person. Further, to lesson the likelihood of get voice mail success polling uses a ring duration under 30 seconds, since the purpose is to avoid answering machines.  Reverse polling conducts the same poll if the person returns the call shown on the caller ID.  We can do a reverse poll for an additional $95.00. This is a flat rate for polls up to 100,000 numbers with 3 attempts.  Add $60.00 for each additional 100k.



A tree poll is a survey question or series of survey questions that leads to a different question or message depending upon the answer.  For example, a simple tree poll might begin with, "The general election is three weeks away.  Do you identify yourself as liberal? Moderate? Or conservative?  Press 1 for for liberal, press 2 for moderate, press 3 for conservative."  A different message is then delivered by the candidate depending on the response of the voter.  Three separate branches are created from the opening survey question. The poll closes with a thank you tag from the candidate.

The possibilities are endless. Below is game changing poll that changed public opinion from 41% for and 44% against to 15% for and 75% against.  Plus, 25% of those against  requested yard signs! You can listen to the poll and see the results below:

81.2 KB

315.0 KB

345.3 KB

373.2 KB

307.4 KB

354.6 KB

208.2 KB

84.2 KB

13.2 KB

Polling is knowledge. And knowledge is the key component to organize an efficient and effective campaign.

Don't pay $5,000.00, $15,000.00, or $50,000.00 for a high profile pollster! Every political year we have candidates who find us after spending a small fortune on polling only to learn we offer the same service or better service for a fraction of the cost. Polling is vital for a successful campaign and should be part of the budget in all campaigns, large or small.

We script and record a one question poll for $200.00. Each additional question is $50.00. The calling cost is $350.00 for 20,000 live calls with 3 attempts.  Calling costs $1,200.00 for 100,000 calls with 3 attempts. Add 10% for each additional question.

VOTER DATABASE NOW AVAILABLE:  If you do not have access to your constituency, we do! We have access to the national voter database available for .03 per record.

CALLER ID: We have the ability to add any caller ID.  We do not recommend that you ever use the candidate caller ID phone number except in very limited and controlled circumstances. This is a common novice error by inexperienced candidates and political consultants.  And if you every have made this mistake you will never do it again.  We point this out because every year we have candidates and even novice consultants that make this mistake on major campaigns, against our warnings.   In every instance we get an emergency email or phone calls requesting that we immediately shut down the campaign due to complaints.  Again, candidate ID should be used only in tightly controlled conditions.

By using a candidate telephone ID the campaign headquarters gets swamped by unwanted calls.  The candidate gets complaints from voters who just don't like robo-calls, from the opposition voters since they are now given the opportunity to complain to campaign headquarters, but the vast majority is calls from voters simply responding to the caller ID and have no idea what the call was about.

A call back number may be left in the message.  That way returned calls are limited to those have actually listened to the message delivered.

In the alternative, we offer an array of caller ID numbers. These numbers can be programmed to read any message up to 15 characters.  We have generic campaigns with ID that read Vote USA, Vote America, Voter_Alert, Vital_Message, Voter Poll, Patriots Vote!, Vote Texas, Vote Florida, Vote New York, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent and Tea_Party. We can also custom an ID with any other message including a candidate name.  (However, it can take from 72 hours up to two weeks for a new caller ID to be picked up by all the various telephone providers, so if you want a custom ID please get this information to us in a timely manner.) There is no charge for this service so long as you use our in-house lines.  There is also no charge for this service using our flex lines so long as the caller ID used is a different state from the state the calls are being made.  There is an 80% surcharge using our flex lines with an in-state caller ID.

A candidate phone ID can be used successfully only in very limited situations.  Generally it should be limited only for voters friendly to the candidate to solicit for canvassing or financial help.  But even in this situation the calls need not have the candidate phone ID. 

THE MOST EFFECTIVE POLITICAL VOICE BROADCASTING STRATEGIES: Plan your campaign!  The most effective campaigns utilize polling early in a race. The most effective voice broadcasting campaigns also plan their campaigns well in advance and broadcast weeks before an election. If you know the local issue that presses the buttons of your constituency this should be the emphasis of your campaign. If your are not sure which issue to emphasize we highly recommend that you do early polling to identify the issue most on voters minds.  Polling is also very useful to put candidates into races they can win and keep them out of races they will lose. Most important, polling is an easy cost effective way to identify your supporters and build a grass roots movement  for funds and door-knocking months before an election!

The second principle in successful voice broadcasting is to target high propensity voters. Especially constituents that have voted 4 out of 5 of the past elections. These are the voters that most often determine elections. Absentee voters are also high propensity voters. Plan at least one broadcast when the absentee ballots are mailed. This is very important and is a secret for political voice broadcasting success.

Unfortunately political novices and under funded campaigns miss out on polling, absentee voters, and high propensity voters due to lack or organization or lack of funds or both. They also tend to bunch their calls as the election day nears with a non-descriptive message missing the issues most on voters minds. Voice broadcasting is highly effective when properly done. But last minute campaigns tend to get buried with many other political campaigns and are also a cause of complaints, especially when voters are getting 5 or more calls daily during the last days before an election.  Any final thrust the last three days should be very short and only remind the voters to vote.  This is the time to use our 15-second Political Alert Special. Also, limit your total voice broadcasting to no more than 3 messages, excluding confidential independent polling where all candidates are mentioned. You are trying to persuade voters to vote for you, not make them mad! 

Your messages should be scripted well in advance with a clear plan where you are taking the voters.  Of course, last minute changes are sometimes required depending on new developments, but new developments will make your original planned message more effective with minor modifications taking into account the new developments. By anticipating a surprise, you are not surprised!

Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day and Columbus Day messages are also very effective. Especially for incumbents!  Another great strategy for incumbents is to call voters to remind them of special community events.


Finally, be creative! Think out of the box. Below is a fun recording  that was covered  by several major networks.  Zane Starkwolfe knew he was in a losing race but he reached the national scene in a regional primary for just $995.00 with a powerful statement. Google "Zane Starkwolfe robo call" to see the coverage!

Listen to the ~2008 ~Robo Call of the year!

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